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Lava Bubbles in this rpg.

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Pokemon Lava is still under construcion... oh well... here's the promo and event Event Until September the 17th
Promo Until.. October the 1st News Event
Sorry! There is no Promo!
Shipper123: Claim them here for now Rhydon LV 2 hp 12 moves: Rock Horn,---,---,--- http://www.ceder.net/pc/character/rhydon_small.jpg Meouth LV.01 hp 22 http://i425.photobucket.com/albums/pp335/Grasaldrea/Meowthanimated.gif



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Now Please follow these if you don't you will be banned forever or a period of time. Oh well, let's get on with it 1 Do not Spam 2 don't Flame/Hijack accounts 3 DO NOT Swear 4 Don't Make fun of other people EG Amy Winehouse LV 44444455678668768897 5 Don't Steal other peoples Pokemon 6 Most of all Don't put bad content no links either EG watch this http hot babe.com Hot babe EX 7 Don't threaten kids and adults Don't ban for no reason Also don't post Stuff like this Hey isn't Yu-Gi-Oh cool? This is a Pokemon RPG if I can I'll make an off topic if I can Dont Swerve off topic Well These are the rules oh one more thing No Personal details!


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